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Hello friend, 

We know so little about ourselves. 

This may be a symptom of too much time spent online, or perhaps it’s because, nowadays, we only ever really ask two questions ‘what should we watch tonight?’ and ‘what should we have for dinner?’

And while both are important, especially when hungry, there is so much more that questions can offer us. 

Asked of friends, family, lovers or ourselves—questions cultivate compassion, connect us, and most importantly, start conversations.

But what questions should you ask? Good question. 

Lovingly answered throughout the year by our CLO circle members, the questions on our CLO cards, are not just discussion topics—they read like a shared DNA of our drivers, dreams and desires. 

There are fifty two carefully considered questions in this deck, that will lead to many more, so while you might run out of phone battery, patience, or sensible decisions when you bump into an ex—you will never run out of questions. Keep your cards close at hand, for quick access during parties, weekends-away or first dates.

Pull a card for yourself, someone you love or a love interest, and the rest will sort itself out. 
We look to the stars, natal charts and cocktail bars in search of answers, perhaps sometimes it’s not answers we need, it’s questions.




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